We consider the needs of today's customers

- their needs for efficiency and their desire for innovative style. Our products are designed with versatility in mind. The luxury brand uses the finest fabrics and innovative features to accommodate functionality and the new-classic style.

After traveling throughout France and Italy to select the finest fabrics from top-quality textile mills, the garments' patterns are draped and designed with ingenuity to provide optimal fit and appeal.

Men and Women.. Now can look dynamic during every type of occurrence!

Men in our society have been sporting the same jacket lapel for a century now. It is time to provide innovative changes in design within an acceptable measure of style. Men's suits are crafted with the most innovative textiles available: Air-light wool, perfect for the summer, as well as a Performance fabric option, giving men ultimate comfort while he is looking on the top of his game.

Women's wear exhibits ensembles for customers to be able to simply slip off her blouse- top; now she is all-ready for her yoga or exercise session. Women of today really do not have ample time to pack a gym bag and change into a completely different attire. The comfortable work pants becomes an exercise cropped pant, along with the patent-pending, optimally supportive and stylized sports bra, to accompany the look. Sports bras have been the exact same unflattering look since its conception; still today maintaining a solely athletic style. ROUGEL Innovations delivers a fresh, new sports bra style, giving women complete flatter AND function. She no longer has to wear a bra to "smush her," but rather lifts her!

Women walk around in their sports wear everywhere they go, and never end up making it to the gym, due to all of her responsibilities, as I used to do all the time!

Now it's time to deliver a versatile look! This brand provides an opportunity to wear a highly stylized ensemble every wear one goes! Giving women the flexibility to quickly jump into a yoga workout in between all circumstances. Versatile ensembles can be worn to the office, to meet for coffee, to the grocery store, for drinks, and feel confident to jump into a quick yoga workout or even feel comfortable enough to just relax.